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    ABO-Friendly : Supplement Formulas


High in Lipase, Lipase assists in the proper digestion of fats, carbohydrates, proteins and dairy products.Lipase has been formulated to aid in correcting heart problems, high blood pressure, obesity, plaque build up and poor digestion. 


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    Retail  $69.00              

ARA-6 (100G)   

Natural Digestive and Immune Enhancer

ARA6 acts as food supply for friendly bacteria , increase friendly bacteria and decrease bad bacteria.

It has been shown to increase the production of short-chain fatty acids, important to the health of colon.

It is a gentle, safe immune enhancing product , unlike Echinacea , can be used for all blood types.

ARA6 is known as an "adaptogen" and is an excellent plant source of soluble fibre.

It is 100% water-soluble and the powder has a sweetish taste that mixes readily in water and juices . Easy to administer to children too.

  • Synergistic Products :
  • Collinsonia Plus (for sinus problems)
  • Redoxa (for respiratory problem)
  • PolyFlora O,A,B,AB
  • Harmonia Deluxe (for bowel dysbiosis)

Also recommended for those with allergies (digestive relief), cancer (general/hormonal induced/digestive/skin), arthritis (pain relief) and fatigue (environmental toxicity & cellular blockage)

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    Retail  $93.00              


Synergistic Factors and Convenience

ARA6 plus is blended high-grade ARA6 with Quercetin (a potent anti-oxidant) and four different ascorbates of vitamins C into an easy-to-take capsule.

Synergistic Products :

  • Collinsonia Plus (for sinus problems)
  • Redoxa (for respiratory problem)
  • PolyFlora O,A,B,AB
  • Harmonia Deluxe (for bowel dysbiosis)

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    Retail  $62.00              


Enhance Healthy Testosterone And Estrogen Levels

AROMASTAT is an all natural blend of herbs shown in clinical studies to inhibit the enzyme aromatase. Clinically, there are a variety of reasons why doctors would prescribe an aromatase inhibitor. These include:

Healthy prostate tissue
Healthy sperm count
Healthy breast tissue
Proper testosterone levels
Proper estrogen levels
Healthy lean muscle mass

Synergistic Products:

  • Helix Plus, Rekon Pro (in estrogen sensitive malignancies)
  • UDA Plus (in prostatic syndromes)
  • Quercetin Plus (for additional aromatase inhibition)

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    Retail  $79.00              


Helps Maintain Normal Cognitive Function and Feelings of Well-Being

Attentia contains four well-researched ingredients that work synergistically to help keep you sharp and focused :

Eleuthero Root Extract : Also known as Siberian Ginseng. Research suggests this herb might improve memory and feelings of well-being and also have an immune enhancing effect on the body.

Gingko Leaf Extract : It is believed that Gingko Leaf extracts protect tissues from oxidative damage. Studies also indicate Gingko has a calming effect.

Ashwagandha Root : Researchers believe it has an soothing effect on occassional stress.

Grapeseed extract : Evidence suggests that Grapeseed Extract may provide protection against free radicals.

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    Retail  $62.00              


B-Complex (ABO)
  • Circulation, Depressed mood, fatigue, headache, inflammation
  • Stress and anemia, Compromised nervous system
  • Low Energy, Cholesterol

    More Product Info...
    Retail  $52.00              


Nature's Recovery and Repair Enzyme

Bromelain is an natural digestive enzyme found in pineapple. Effective anti-inflammatory, delivers relief and speeds recovery from injury or trauma. Uses ultra-pure grade , it cools inflammation throughout the body, increases action of antibiotics .

Relieves discomfort from asthma, arthritis, colitis and inflammatory bowel disorders. Effective in accelerating recovery from exercise and the pain and swelling that accompany sports injuries. Effective in aiding tissue repair and reduces the symptoms of eczema.

Taken with Dr Peter D'Adamo's Quercetine Plus can relieve the red and often intensively itchy rashes of eczema.

Synergistic Products :

  • Quercetine Plus (Allergic support in all types).
  • Redoxa (Respiratory support in all types).

    More Product Info...
    Retail  $96.00              


Nature's Purest Calcium

Natural Calcium that is dairy free, animal free and vegetarian for all blood types. Maerl, a small red seaweed found in isolated areas off the coast of Ireland and has one of the lowest levels of undesirable contaminants.

Its superior buffering capacity allows Maerl-based sea calcium to maintain very high rates of absorption and therefore a phenomenal rate of bioavailability. Only calcium that is suitable for all blood types.

Synergistic Products :

  • Phytocal

    More Product Info...
    Retail  $68.00              


Botanical Support for Chronic Nasal and/Sinus Congestion

"I have found Collinsonia (Stone Root) to be of great reliability in assisting to stabilize the lining on the sinus cavities and to minimise the build-up of excess mucous in the sinus cavities and throat, particularly in types A and AB. It takes time to work , but it has rarely failed me ." Dr Peter J.Adamo, N.D

Synergistic Products :

  • Bromelain, Stinging Nettle Leaf (sinus diffulities)
  • ARA6, Harmonia Deluxe (hemorrhoids)

    More Product Info...
    Retail  $49.00              


Maintain Capillary, Blood Vessel, and Ligament Strength

Dr. D'Adamo has designed Connectivar to help maintain blood vessel, capillary, and ligament strength using a combination of two well-researched herbs, a bioflavonoid complex and one mineral. Good for those who suffers joint pain, gout, arthritis and ligament-related disorders.

Actions and Indications

  • Supports chronic v enous insufficiency such as pain, leg cramps, leg edema, varicose veins, itching and swelling
  • Supports lymphatic drainage
  • Promotes wound healing
  • Supports hemorrhoid stabilization

    More Product Info...
    Retail  $62.00              


Supports Healthy Estrogen Levels

The body’s detoxification systems have a daily demand placed upon them by both external and internal pollutants. For those whose systems carry the burden of additional demand, specialized nutrition may be helpful.

(Formally Estraphase)


    More Product Info...
    Retail  $82.00              

Digestive Enzyme 270 Caps   

Digestive combines all the enzymes needed to help break down all food groups into nutrients that are more absorbable to the body.

    More Product Info...
    Retail  $135.00              


El Dorado, a combination of synergistic herbs,  to assist those struggling with a sluggish metabolism to better control energy production and optimize the conversion of carbohydrates and sugars into energy.


Working on a genetic level, El Dorado optimizes the gene molecule responsible for regulating cellular energy - AMPK, commonly known as the "fuel gauge of the cell" - AMPK regulates an enormous number of cellular functions, including the oxidation of fatty acids in the liver, the generation of ketones, the ability to block the production of cholesterol, the manufacture of triglycerides, the uptake of glucose in our muscles, and the modulation of insulin secretion by the pancreas

    More Product Info...
    Retail  $79.00              


Multi-Nutrient Support for Children, Pregnant and Nursing Mothers, and Seniors

This is an ideal super nutrients for pregnant and expecting mothers, as well as senior citizens and younger children. These group of people need higher amount of nutreints for good health.

    More Product Info...
    Retail  $92.00              


Maintain a Healthy Hormone Balance

Beat the menopause blues with FEM Balance! No more side effects with our hormonal friendly supplement made just for you. The combination of traditional herbal medicines is designed for use in any blood type. The herbal formula provides a broad level of activity against the most common and unwanted symtoms of menopause.

Syngergistic Products:

  • Phytocal O, Phytocal A, Phytocal B, Phytocal AB (menopausal bone support)
  • Bromelain, Aromastat (dysmennorhea support)

    More Product Info...
    Retail  $59.00              


Promotes Stomach and Intestinal Health

Now with DGL!

Few health challenges are as widespread as occasional stomach problems. From heartburn to bloating, people seek out an astonishing variety of pills, potions and powders in an attempt to counteract occasional stomach acid.

(Formally Gastroleve)

    More Product Info...
    Retail  $96.00              


Genoma Cardia 

Supports Healthy Cardiovascular Function.     


    More Product Info...
    Retail  $59.00              


Genoma Derma 

Helps Maintain Healthy & Youthful Skin.


    More Product Info...
    Retail  $72.00              


Genoma EQ

Supports Healthy Hormonal Balance & Immune System                       

    More Product Info...
    Retail  $72.00              


Glycosia is used for diabetes mellitus and insulin resistance. The blend of ingredients have the following list of actions :

·          Anti-inflammatory

·          Hypoglycemic

·          Enhances peripheral insulin sensitivity

·          Antioxidant

·          Enchances glomerular filtration

·          Alpha-glucosidase inhibitor

·          Aldose reductase inhibitor

·          Decreases serum cholesterol and triglycerides; increase HDL levels

·          Manages chronic complications of diabetes such as retinopathy, peripheral neuropathy and cataracts.

    More Product Info...
    Retail  $72.00              





    More Product Info...
    Retail  $255.00              


Liver Support

Toxins can build up in our bodies , particularly in our liver. Heaptiguard is designed to support healthy liver function using four well researched ingredients consisting of milk thistle, Bupleurum root, turmeric and Phyllantus amarus leaf that helps to regulate and support a healthy liver function.

    More Product Info...
    Retail  $82.00              



Supports healthy urinary function 

(A new and improved version of our popular Taraxacum product) 


    More Product Info...
    Retail  $62.00              


Supports Stomach and Colon Health

Intrinsa is designed to support stomach, small intestine, and colon health using well-researched ingredients. The result is a well-designed formula that supports men and women of all ABO blood types.

In development for over five years, INTRINSA blends four synergistic ingredients, including two protective, naturally derived fatty acids, caprylic acid and butyric acid.

    More Product Info...
    Retail  $76.00              


The Vitality-Enhancing B-Vitamin

Vitamin B12 appears to offer health benefits when combined with other vitamins. It is better absorbed and retained much higher within your tissues. This vitamin is used primarily in liver, brain and nervous system, which explains the importance of having this vitamin to increase alertness, inhibit hearing damage side effects and those with anemia or lack of energy.

Syngergistic Products:

  • Catechol (hyperadrenalized situations, especially type O, depression)
  • Cortiguard (learning difficulties and/ sleep disturbance)
  • Hawthorn Plus (cardiovascular syndromes, especially in type A)

    More Product Info...
    Retail  $45.00              


Enhance Healthy Nitric Oxide Function

This product is designed to promote nitric acid production. Nitric acid, which is a potent antioxidant, has been shown to play a critical role in many diseases such as cancer, diabetes, anorexia and sexual health.

Synergistic Products :

  • Cortiguard (Learning issues in types B and AB)
  • Hawthorn plus (Cardiovascular syndromes in    type A)
  • Catechol (Eretile dysfunction in types O and AB)
  • ARA 6 (Immune insufficiencies in all types)
  • Quercetin Plus (Diabetes support in all types)

    More Product Info...
    Retail  $58.00              


Back by popular demand: Ocubright 

Maintaining Eye Health

This product promotes and supports healthy vision. If you work in front of computers or watching TV for too long or often strain your eyes, or when eyes become too tired and sore, this is the product you definitely need!



    More Product Info...
    Retail  $89.00              


Maintaining Joint Health and Flexibility

Dr. D’Adamo has designed Phloxicin to help maintain joint health and flexibility using a combination of herbal ingredients and one amino acid, which have demonstrated support.

    More Product Info...
    Retail  $62.00              


Elderberry and ARA6: A Potent Flu Season One-two Punch

An excellent immune booster especially for those who are easily prone to flu viruses. Also a good supplement to bring along during overseas trip to minimize the risk of contracting flu.

Elderberry is a traditional remedy for the symptoms of flu. In experiments, elderberry was shown to inhibit replication of all strains of human influenza viruses tested. Research showed that people using the elderberry extract got better much quicker.

Synergistic Products

  • ARA 6, ARA Plus (immune enhancement)
  • Itaru's Green Tea (polyamine deprivation)
  • Hawthorn Plus, Quercetin (additional bioflavonoid support)

    More Product Info...
    Retail  $65.00              


The Single Most Powerful Antioxidant Flavonoid

A potent antioxidant must-have for all generations! Antioxidant is an agent involved in fighting free radicals which can damage our body cells from time to time. A lot of diseases can be prevented by taking antioxidants on a regular basis. Try it today!

Synergistic Products:

  • Urtica Dioica (Stinging Nettle Leaf) (Allergies and hayfever)
  • Rekon Pro, Helix Plus (Malignancies)
  • DGL Licorice (Stomach irritation)
  • UDA Plus (Prostatic syndromes)

    More Product Info...
    Retail  $65.00              


Natural Relief for the Respiratory System

Your must-have product for promoting respiratory health! With a new and improved formula, it gives you the healthy combination of ingredients in helping you to promote a good respiratory system.

Syngergistic Products :

  • Quercetin plus (Allergic and respiratory support in all types)
  • Deflect O, Deflect A, Deflect B, Deflect AB (Detoxification support; Colitis support)
  • Hawthorn plus (Cardiovascular support in all types)


    More Product Info...
    Retail  $72.00              


Scienca, by Dr. Peter D'Adamo, contains ingredients long used by ayurvedic practioners in a unique blend with broad application and cutting edge epigenetic relevance.

Synergistic Combinations:

Combine with Phloxicin (support for anti-inflammatory activity)

Combine with Hepatiguard (liver support)

Combine with Gastroleve or DGL licorice (stomach support)

    More Product Info...
    Retail  $52.00              


Supports Mental and Physical Relaxation

Dr.Peter D'Adamo has designed Tranquility Base to help provide mental and physical relaxation , while decreasing occasional stress and anxiety.

Tranquility base comprises four synergistic ingredients designed to :

  • diminish symptons of PMS
  • improving learning performance
  • heightened mental acuity - neurotransmitter
  • promoting concentration
  • acting antagonistically against the paralysis induced by caffeine
  • supporting the immune system
  • lowering blood pressure
  • increasing formation of the inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA
  • increasing brain dopamine levels amoing other positive benefits with no known downside.


    More Product Info...
    Retail  $72.00              

Trehalose Complex   

Helps To Maintain Health Brain Aging

An exceptional blend of three well-researched glyconutrients designed to maintain healthy brain metabolism by promoting proper protein folding. 



    More Product Info...
    Retail  $79.00              

Zinc Enzyme   

Zinc Plus (ABO)


  • Essential nutrient for protein synthesis, insulin storage, carbon dioxide transport.
  • Recommended for loss of appetite, slow hearing, gum and skin health, hair loss, wound healing.
  • Sluggish metabolism, male reproductive development.


    More Product Info...
    Retail  $43.00              
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